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Reflections Of a Man


This is my first blog about the author Amari Soul. I happened to see the quotes from this book in Pinterest. The first thing that popped my mind was, ‘Hell, this man reads my mind’. Could not wait until I laid my hands on this book. Well, had a good read. But I wouldn’t recommend it to serious readers. This book is filled with Quotes, Phrases, Advice and most of the sentences are italicized. This is best for light readers. I actually read it in one sitting.

This book claims to be designed for both men and women to enhance the quality of their relationships. It encourages a woman to recognize the true value of self and her standards. It provides a clear insight into what a woman actually expects from a man emotionally. Kudos to Mr. Soul, did a great job in understanding women inside out.

My opinion is, even when every word of this book is damn true, most of us can’t act upon it. If I want a man who respects me upon my standards and treats me well all the time, then better I be single. Marriage is a tall hill where you just have to walk till the top, whatever it takes. Sometimes I need to compromise my standards and self-esteem to adjust with my man. Now, do not think ONLY women need to compromise. A family is made when both partners have their equal share.

I do want every man to have a read of this book. But I also want every woman to realize that we cannot hang this book around our neck and then expect to be loved by the same man till the end.

Here is quote I picked to self exercise for a beautiful morning –

“You just have to say to yourself,’ I am not willing to accept anything less than what I deserve! I am smart! I am Beautiful! I am a good woman and I deserve to be happy!’ It all starts with you”.

PS: Some say Amari Soul is a pen name created to hide the true identity of a media company, Black Castle Media LLC. If he is real, I would like to meet his wife and ask if he is all by the BOOK.

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