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COCO Mademoiselle

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Hair perfumes are a thing for me. I love the way my hair smells when they lie over my shoulders. Coco Mademoiselle is my favorite scent till date. This delicately fragranced Hair Mist leaves a light and fresh note of fragrance. It comes in a 35ml/1.2oz spray bottle, easy to slip into any purse. The frosted glass bottle and the gold banded white cap do give a posh look. I do not recommend daily hair wash due to the Chlorine H2O in Gulf. The fresh hair mist is a life saver to me. I mostly use it for parties and get together. For a 35ml bottle it cost about KWD 13/-. It’s affordable I must add when you compare it with the Eau de Parfum.

I know a few who spray a standard perfume to their hair (oopsie !!) Well, ladies that makes your hair extremely dry. The Chanel Hair Mist does contain silicon derivatives just like the shampoos but it does make your hair look really good and dry free. For me the scent lasted for 3 hours max (indoors). I do have to try it on a beach.

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