Its Happening!

Kuwait Cultural Centre – Fountain




Also known as the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre. It’s been open for the crowd. I visited the place to check out the fountain as my hub is a member of the engineering team for the fountain. One word “Awesome”!! They have created the fountain similar to the Dubai fountain set on the Burj Khalifa Lake. The area is much smaller compared to the Dubai fountain.  But this has a lot more additional features when compared.  Laser shows, Fountain Flames, Flood lights etc.

I was in awe of the Fountain flames which is a new sight for me. I was told they use a Propane gas with water. It is such a beauty to watch the fire igniting within the water. Pics attached, but the real beauty is in the eyes.

Now the Flood lights, it is not the one we usually see. This is a different kind where it lights from beneath the water body. Here it is shown before the music and the fountains start. It appears like a huge snowflake lying on the water surface. It reminded me of ‘Frozen’.

The fountain not only plays the smoothing tone but it does play a fast track with the laser beams and fires. I felt more like an adrenaline rush ‘must dance with the tone’ types. Fountain is played every half an hour. It’s surrounded by few restaurants for now. A round of applause to The Royal Court of Kuwait (Diwan Al Amiri) for this Multi Media musical fountain.

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