Its Happening!




An exhibition conducted by White Dental Centre in 360 Mall, Kuwait. I visited the stalls. A variety of winter jackets, shawls, pearls and scents. Well ladies, it’s expensive!!  I was in love with a fur coat, similar to one of the coats worn by Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. The rate of a coat is KD 450/- (One lakh rupees per coat)???? naaa……I don’t need that. There were beautiful Pashmina shawls with thin strand of fur at the edges. I purchased one and wore it once for a doctor’s meet and I received plenty of compliments. Shawl cost KWD 25/-, but the received compliments were worth it. I even bought tiny stoned nose pins from a stall named Fiorella Gems. They do have many pretty chains and bracelets, mainly with blue stones. The exhibition was opened yesterday and could be there for a few days.

Here are the names of few stalls I was impressed with. Search them in Instagram.






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