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Makeup Setting Spray


I have been using the Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay for quite some time. It’s an All Nighter, but I usually spray it before leaving for work in the mornings. It is a weightless spray and keeps your makeup intact. The product is described to stay upto 16 hours. Personally it stayed for about 10 hours (no touchups), which is huge for me. I even take my afternoon nap with my makeup on (lazy) and believe me when I wake up, I am still ready-to-go. I use this religiously and it keeps my makeup on all the day. This could be my first high-end setting spray that I have splurged on. After the application, I cannot feel it on my skin once it’s dried. No stickiness. This product is best for oily skin. I have a dry skin and still this works perfect for me. It is sprayed directly after applying makeup, just like the hairsprays. I apply in an X pattern (tried the T pattern too).

It is cruelty free, though the parent company is not.  The packaging is a little bigger for purses, but thanks to the long-lasting effect, I don’t have to carry it with me.

The issue for me is the colour of the bottle, WHITE, that makes it easy for foundation and concealer to stain the exterior.
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