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Loccitane Essence

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I cannot give much review about this product as it’s been only a week since I started using it. As I have a dry scalp and a fragile hair due to breakage, I wanted to try out this product. This is a concentrated serum that helps to stimulate the scalp and limit the fall of hair. It is made with five essential oils – Rosemary, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, Juniper and Cedar. This is silicon FREE.

I have an itchy scalp and surprisingly I don’t scratch my scalp anymore. I love the fact that the product doesn’t leave any sticky effect.  Thankfully the serum comes with a practical spray dispenser which is quite easy to apply.

For best results, combine with Body and Strength Shampoo and the conditioner named 1-minute intensive care (both I shall be reviewing later).

This product was launched last year and it does have good reviews. This bottle has a volume capacity of 125 ml and my gut feeling says it’s worth the money!!

Application: After shower, use a towel to remove the excess water from your hair. Then spray the bottle directly on to the scalp. 7 to 8 sprays would be enough to cover most parts of your scalp. Then delicately massage with your fingertips. This enhances micro – circulation. Then comb (I just leave it that way). DO NOT RINSE after application.

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