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Clarins Peeling

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Few months back I visited VaVaVoon in search for a face wash. I do like to try new stuffs. The lady insisted me to try this new product by Clarins. I tried it on my hands and VOILA!! instant fairness. Reminded me of the Fair&Lovely ads. But this is real.  It is still one of my fav products.

Hope you can see the slight difference. In real it is much better.


It is a Gentle Peeling smooth away cream which brings an immediate radiance to all skin types. It’s mainly recommended for sensitive skin. Basically it is an exfoliating cream. I use it just before I attend a function to get the instant radiance. This helps me to skip the need for facial. The content is a thick grey cream that is soft and has primrose extract.  The extract helps maintain an ideal pH balance for your skin. Exfoliation once or twice a week is an essential part of a skin care routine inorder to enhance your complexion.  The main ingredient is Great Burdock which was used in traditional medicine to relieve eczema and acne. It comes in a white tube of 50ml / 1.7 Oz and it’s pricey KD 11/-.


How to apply:  Layer it on your face, leave it for a minute, and then peel it off with your fingers with light sweeping movements. Finally rinse with warm water. Personally the application of the product is a bit annoying as it dries too fast while I am still applying the rest. But the results keep my mouth shut. I proceed with a step 2 that is finish off with a toner (any toner preferably Clarins).

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