Its Time

So its Xmas time and everyone is excited, thrilled for many reasons. Those who have no plans of travel, have their to do list during the holidays. And people like me who are travelling during the vacation, are busy packing. I woke up today at 4am to pack. Silence and peace are very important to me during packing. Even the noise of the TV is not acceptable to me. I pack on behalf of the family. Well my battery does not run out because I am super-duper excited. I guess this is the same for everyone.  When friends leave for vacation, I always hear ‘needed a break, finally time to rest’ and then they have a to do list, places to visit, functions to attend and tours if possible.  I see travelling to our home country is much more work. The statement should be corrected to ‘needed a break from office work’. Sad thing is I am travelling tomorrow morning and still here I am working today. With a 2-year-old, I just cannot return home and relax and then pack. I am working round the clock!! Oh mothers! I respect you.

Let’s see what package the December month has for me. December 24th I will land. Dec 25th  is Christmas. In our small town, people are more into loud music and dance. I see around 8 carols per day visiting houses to sing and mainly to collect money. Every carol has a Santa Claus. Certain Santa’s are too pale and few of them are still minor. It’s a funny sight. Some Santa’s are even drunk. That’s my country. Dec 29th I have a wedding of one of my very close friend to attend. It’s not the wedding I am concerned about. It’s the get together with the friends I am looking forward to. Once married and with kids, we need a reason to meet. Then proceeds with the reception party on the 30th. Dance, music…..that’s gona be fun! Dec 31st midnight I am a little spiritual. Attending church is a must for me. So New Year after church will get home and have a family breaky. Jan 3rd to Kochi, something I am really looking forward to. To-do list in Kochi is never-ending. Purchases, house visits, window shopping, finding new places to eat and by the way I am going to try fillers this time to reduce my smile lines *fingers crossed*. By Jan 5th I will be back to my town and then might visit a hill station where my cousins stay. Heard lots about them and never seen them. So that’s going to be exciting. Then house visits, shopping, entertaining guests…..days will just run and then its Jan 15th, bye-bye India and hey hello Qatar. Qatar is the place where I was born and I will always have a thing for it. I will get to meet my parents after a while and yuppie my sis too. A week with my own familia (without husband…again yipeee!). I always turn irresponsible and want to be pampered daughter when I am with my parents. Finally back to Kuwait, few days to unpack and do the actual rest thingy and laze around. By Jan 28th again my normal life routine going to work. So these are my pre planned schedule and let’s see what all gets to be changed in real.

Have you thought about any New Year resolutions?? I haven’t, I just know I won’t do them.

I will be away for a month, so no blogging till then. . Please share what is the most exciting thing you are waiting for your vacation.

“HOHoHO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

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