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One Indian Girl


Applause Chetan for your successful publish. Not a new thing anymore eh?? Ok so lets come to the book. His books are not the enriching kinds or the ones you feel you have obtained something valuable when you are done with it. I have been reading most of his books. ‘One Night at the Call centre’, ‘2 states’, ‘Revolution 2020’ and finally ‘One Indian Girl’. Over all these are predictable books, nothing fancy or blood rising types.  I still like to read such books as this is real. It happens in everyday life to each person once in their life time. It feels like I am going through my diary or my friends!! I have been and seen such events during my life time. It brings those memories and feelings.

Talking about One Indian Girl, Chetan portrays the struggle a nerdy Indian Woman has to go through her life. Inspite of being successful and earning more than a man, still she is forced to hag the tag “still single” around her neck. Funny isn’t? This is the same notion most of the Indian families still linger about. A woman is termed accomplished when she has gained the most possible education and a Matched Proposal. Whether she works or gains enough income or is highly talented / smart is not a big concern.  However updated we are, settled anywhere out of India, still these kind of thoughts leeches you forever. Indians eh!!

A woman takes many roles in her life girl, teenager, lady, wife, and mother. For each role her outlook matters which can bring out a change in the future generations. I am a proud Indian but no so proud with Indian thoughts.

One thought on “One Indian Girl

  1. I was really impressed by his book ‘5 point someone’ and ‘one night in a call centre’. but by the time i finished ‘two states’ my ‘impression’ choked and died on the spot. Never laid hands on another book 😀


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