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One Indian Girl

Applause Chetan for your successful publish. Not a new thing anymore eh?? Ok so lets come to the book. His books are not the enriching kinds or the ones you feel you have obtained something valuable when you are done with it. I have been reading most of his books. ‘One Night at the Call… Continue reading One Indian Girl

In Vogue

Huda Kattan’s Liquid Matte Lipstick

As I have mentioned earlier, I do like to try out new stuffs. I started noticing about Huda’s lipsticks when it was used to combine together to create a new shade. That’s a new one for me. I haven’t been a fan of liquid lipsticks. I am a matte queen and here it is. Liquid… Continue reading Huda Kattan’s Liquid Matte Lipstick


Its Time

So its Xmas time and everyone is excited, thrilled for many reasons. Those who have no plans of travel, have their to do list during the holidays. And people like me who are travelling during the vacation, are busy packing. I woke up today at 4am to pack. Silence and peace are very important to… Continue reading Its Time



Ok this may sound boring to most of you. I would request you not to read ahead if you are not the person for some boring/sad insight. I just wanted to give an intuition to the ones who has just heard the word but do not have much idea about depression. Firstly being sad and… Continue reading Depression

In Vogue

Hangover Primer

Ladies, primer is something we all have heard about. But how many of you actually use it? I started using primer long time back and I cannot live without it. Especially for my dry skin, primer smoothens the skin and makes it easy for me to apply any foundation over it. Primers are available in… Continue reading Hangover Primer

In Vogue

Clarins Peeling

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Few months back I visited VaVaVoon in search for a face wash. I do like to try new stuffs. The lady insisted me to try this new product by Clarins. I tried it on my hands and VOILA!! instant fairness. Reminded me of the Fair&Lovely ads. But this is real. … Continue reading Clarins Peeling

Victoria 2016

Victoria’s Secret 2016

I am a diehard fan of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. My heart got hit by the arrow while watching the 2012 Fashion show. Since then I have been a constant fan of this show. Victoria’s secret fashion show for 2016 was held on November 30th in Grand Palais, Paris. There were live performances by Lady… Continue reading Victoria’s Secret 2016