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Loccitane Essence

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I cannot give much review about this product as it’s been only a week since I started using it. As I have a dry scalp and a fragile hair due to breakage, I wanted to try out this product. This is a concentrated serum that helps to stimulate the scalp… Continue reading Loccitane Essence

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Makeup Setting Spray

I have been using the Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay for quite some time. It’s an All Nighter, but I usually spray it before leaving for work in the mornings. It is a weightless spray and keeps your makeup intact. The product is described to stay upto 16 hours. Personally it stayed… Continue reading Makeup Setting Spray

Its Happening!


An exhibition conducted by White Dental Centre in 360 Mall, Kuwait. I visited the stalls. A variety of winter jackets, shawls, pearls and scents. Well ladies, it’s expensive!!  I was in love with a fur coat, similar to one of the coats worn by Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. The rate of a… Continue reading PRO. EXPO.

Its Happening!

Kuwait Cultural Centre – Fountain

  Also known as the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre. It’s been open for the crowd. I visited the place to check out the fountain as my hub is a member of the engineering team for the fountain. One word “Awesome”!! They have created the fountain similar to the Dubai fountain set on the… Continue reading Kuwait Cultural Centre – Fountain

Its Happening!

Christmas Party

Christmas is around the corner!! I just love the month of December. It’s just filled with Parties, Functions and The New year! This is a Christmas Party for Kids with M&M. It’s conducted by L Five Events. Lots of games, competitions and snacks are available.  There is a prize for the best dressed infant for… Continue reading Christmas Party

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COCO Mademoiselle

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hair perfumes are a thing for me. I love the way my hair smells when they lie over my shoulders. Coco Mademoiselle is my favorite scent till date. This delicately fragranced Hair Mist leaves a light and fresh note of fragrance. It comes in a 35ml/1.2oz spray bottle, easy to… Continue reading COCO Mademoiselle

Book Bosomed

Reflections Of a Man

This is my first blog about the author Amari Soul. I happened to see the quotes from this book in Pinterest. The first thing that popped my mind was, ‘Hell, this man reads my mind’. Could not wait until I laid my hands on this book. Well, had a good read. But I wouldn’t recommend… Continue reading Reflections Of a Man